"Forearmed, is to be forewarned. Don't rely upon the likelihood of change in the operating environment - rely upon your readiness to receive it.”

Service Description

The world is increasingly awash in information – yet few companies know how to harvest and harness this resource. Forward-looking companies realize that the same methods they use to glean operational and strategic intelligence, is increasingly applied to them as well. The market place contains many competitors, insiders, and individuals seeking advantage, leverage, or monetary gain. Protecting strategic plans, customer information, and intellectual property is paramount to navigating a highly competitive marketplace.

Service Detail

Element Yu’s intelligence service aids organizational leaders by sharpening a company’s ability to focus on essential effort. When clarity of purpose exists, it leads to execution that generates more options, and more opportunities. Proven methods enlisted by Element Yu’s intelligence consulting services helps protect company investments from loss, risk, misdirection, and misappropriation. Element Yu will show you how to use intelligence capability to protect assets and sustain advantage.

Consulting Capabilities

  • Product and Process Red Teaming engagements with knowledge transfer
  • Operational intelligence programming and insider detection consulting
  • Information lifecycle management for highly competitive industries and critical infrastructure
  • Intellectual Property Protection Program Development
  • Information Security consulting services
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