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Service Description

Element Yus Rapid Information Assessment (RIA) Methods orients decision-makers to basic truths about their operations: a need to be well-informed, maintain situational awareness, and prepare management teams to take on decisions that involve larger stakes. Seldom does a lack of collected information exist only lack of appreciation of what to do with the information and how to ply it into advantage.

Service Detail

Business processes must combine action-taking with decision-making which requires an integrated continuum of consistent information. Element Yus four-point approach involving Risk, Value, Intent, and Capability delivers visibility in key facets necessary to sustaining organizational success. Element Yu aids business organizations with integrating their IT assets, or capture IT organizations improve their operational efficiency and speed to market capability.

Consulting Capabilities

  • Rapid Information Flow Assessment and Mapping
  • Decision making and execution analysis
  • Business process analysis geared towards improved workflow, efficiency, and defect reduction
  • Strategic and Operational IT Planning
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